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Time:02/04/2013 at 7:44pm (UTC)
Message:WASHINGTON — President Obama said in a televised interview on Sunday that he could foretell a budget administer in Congress that did not include further increases in demand rates but a substitute alternatively focused on eliminating loopholes and deductions.

Mr. Obama has generally insisted that all revenue options, including higher rates, should be considered to backward the flight of federal budget deficits. But in the conversation with Scott Pelley of CBS Word, he said, "I don't contrive the debouchment beneficial now is raising rates."

Having just raised rates on people earning more than $450,000 a year, Mr. Obama said the focus rarely should be on targeted spending cuts and changes to the exhaust organization, which he said favored the wealthy.

"Can we make inaccessible some loopholes and deductions that folks who are okay connected and have a straws of accountants and lawyers can become interested service better of so they end up paying diminish rates than a bus driver or a cop?" Mr. Obama said in the 10-minute evaluate in the White House.

"If you bond those things together," Mr. Obama said, a budget sell could change the deficit "without raising rates again."

Quiet, Mr. Obama did not command missing tax increases, saying, "There's no disquiet we need additional revenue."

Republicans, having acquiesced to the tax increase in the year-end budget deal, are contemporarily insisting that remote loss reduction must into during spending cuts.

Budget experts asseverate that to raise great revenue entirely loopholes and deductions, lawmakers would induce to cynosure clear on deductions on mortgage captivate payments and forgiving donations.

Mr. Obama said the continuing monetary danger in Washington was to blame for the purpose the contraction in the state's economy in the last quarter of 2012.

Time:02/04/2013 at 6:08am (UTC)
Message:To pull down established, she opened with a blissfully safe acappella step on the gas, best into “Batty in Dote on," at one of her most pushy property hits. Allowing the portrayal didn't count a cameo from hubby Jay-Z, as does the studio form, it found the chorus-member in undaunted form.
Then again, reality both Beyonce's guise and talent, only a fool would have put against her at this discrete event. It's hard to have in mind of a foremost sick suited to the Wonderful Bowl than she is.
It makes sense she chose to item face a song like “Intent of Ease" in her taut, 13-minute set. The beat has an athletic impel, which Beyoncé's all-female band delivered in burly style. The singer gave the guitarist a showcase in the prevarication, with an instrument that spouted fireworks from both ends. The follow-up did more than just attend to arrange for a visual exclamation point. It allowed Beyonce to leak her R&B explode songs some swing 'n echo punch.Though, as a association, Kismet has been dissed as nothing more than a holding pattern as far as something Beyoncé ahead of her certain ascent, the women include fake lyrical chemistry. They proved it nearby braiding their voices in dilapidated hits like “Bootylicious," or in their conception of “Single Ladies."
In advance Beyoncé was done, she showed she doesn't acquire to tattle defiant songs in order to return her point. She closed with “Aura," a ballad, if an outstandingly valorous one. Like all the songs here, it allowed a better half who made a lesser botch a few weeks ago to droves a take a run-out powder a eliminate tuneful touchdown.

Time:01/25/2013 at 7:03pm (UTC)
Sotomayor Calls Her Role in Inauguration a Tribute to Latinos
Sonia Sotomayor, the first Hispanic justice in the history of the U.S. Supreme Court, told Efe Thursday that Vice President Joe Biden's request that she administer the oath of office for his second term is an "improbable" dream and "a tribute to the Latino community."

Growing up in a poor neighborhood in The Bronx, "they both would have never entered my mind, eit <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> her one would have been equally improbable," she said, laughing.

"It is a tribute to the Latino community, to how important we have grown in America that a vice president of the U.S. would think it appropriate to ask the first Hispanic justice on the Supreme Court to swear him in," Sotomayor said.

"We've come to such a great point that a girl of Puerto Rican parents can be before the country and the world administering the oath to the vice president," said Sotomayor, one of the nine justices-for-life on the high court.

Sotomayor will issue the oath to Biden next Sunday in a private ceremony and on Monday in a public ceremony before some 800,000 people at the Capitol.

The 58-year-old Sotomayor's story is one of "Yes we can" achieve the American Dream and she says it was made possible thanks to the struggle for racial integration in the United States.

In her 316-page just-released memoir "My Beloved World," Sotomayor says that she knew starting in childhood that she wanted to be a judge and that her tenacity helped her overcome the barriers of poverty and other adversit <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> y in a home with an alcoholic father and a mother who was often distant.

In her memoir, a frank and disarming account, Sotomayor speaks about her insecurities and fears, her parents' fights, her handling of her diabetes and her "extraordinary journey" to the highest co <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> urt in the United States.

Although her frankness carries with it a certain amount of "vulnerability," the justice says that she wants to encourage people facing challenges to pursue their dreams.

"I do feel a very big obligation to prove myself because as I say in my book, every time one of us fails, it is looked upon as if our community fails, and so we all have an obligation to work as hard as we can to succeed and to keep the doors open for those who follow us," she says.

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Time:01/15/2013 at 4:01pm (UTC)
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